Mag´s Plain

Hi Cat.

I´m totally enjoying Macha´s Curse and thank you once again for releasing such amazing story...While I know that you prefer not to use word "Bug", but "Trouble" instead of it, now I seem to have a real bug.

There is a Dhiarmid the Trader on Mag´s Plain who trades Leather for Furs. When I´m talking to him and continue trading until I have zero furs, dialog just freeze without possibility to click on "goodbye"- this does not work and I cannot return to main game, just force the end on my android Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 LTE. Please check.




  • That is indeed a bug and I fixed it. You're entitled to the bug-finder's reward, just let me know what you'd like. Thanks.

  • A heavy weapon Sword please with damage over 240 points +40 health +30 mana if possible..:-)

  • Arturo the Smith will sell it.

  • Thank youuuu...

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