Skill trainers

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Do skill trainers go above 100 in Macha?

Sorting out skill points before buying.


  • It's not possible to go over 100 in the Quest engine for skill training. That's the max the editor allows.

  • Thanks Cat :-)
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    Any chance that the editor will be updated to allow skill trainers to train up to 500?

  • No. Redshift is focused on Quest2.

  • @Catacomber said:
    No. Redshift is focused on Quest2.

    I figured. Thanks Cat

  • That can be done though through books and quest rewards.

  • Can someone provide a list of all the Skill Trainers in Macha's Quest and their maximum training level? Thanks.

  • I'm tpp busy with HOLIII and Caerworn Castle or I'd try. Maybe someone else will be able to help with that. There is no skill training level beyond 100. But if I recall correctly, I went out of my way to make sure all skills were trained either to 80, 90 or 100.

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