Wobbly dimension, Sandra

I need help, please - I‘m always transported back in the wobbly dimension. What am I missing?
Sandra: I can‘t enter the abbey, it says I need a quest. Another quest?
Thanks for the help :)


  • Sooo - I was in the wrong abbey :D Sandra has found her new home.
    But the abbess? Please help :(

  • Sorry. I had no internet. A blue candle in the far northwest will take you to the room where the Abbess is.

    If you've landed in the room where the Abbess is, just walk forward and not backward, not to the right or left. If that doesn't help, let me know.

    Once you've found her and you both leave, she'll be back in her room in the Abbey.

  • Sorry, I was so stupid :( I didn‘t realize how to get around the transporter near Phredd.

  • What a beautiful Dragonfly avatar.
  • Thank you, it‘s my brooch. A bit more colourful than in the picture.

  • I’m in the Hollowed Chapel. I think that the red force field has moved at least once. Now it is in the eastern tunnels, second tunnel from down. I don’t know how to proceed. I’ve killed everyone, as is customary. And I’ve tapped and hit every single wall in the chapel.

    I’ve got four quests active, all other quests have been completed. Active ones are: Lift the curse, Exorcise the abbess, Prove the abbess is innocent, and Find and free the abbess.

    I think I need to access wobbly dimension. Somehow. I’ll keep trying different spells on the force field, but that feels futile.

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    As you enter the chapel, take one step forward. Each time some of the walls of force appear and disappear. You want the walls of force to be visible at least long enough to take you to the Wobbly Dimension where you will find what you are looking for. ^^ I suggest you mark there so you don't need to depend on the walls of force to take you there.

    For Lift the Curse, you need to talk to the Hollow Sybil and kill Olc Mhor.

  • I’m sorry, but I can’t make the force field to move anymore. See video:


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    You cannot make the force field move. It's either visible or hidden. You want it to be visible so you can tap it, not hit it. Then it should transport you to the Wobbly Dimension.

    You can't do anything to get it to move, no spell, nothing and you don't want it to move. You just want to be able to tap it.

    When you tap it, you see the Abbess and she asks you to help her. When you hit ok to close the dialogue, you get transported to the Wobbly Dimension.

    That wall of force will then always take you back to the Wobbly Dimension although you should mark there.

    What happens when you tap it? Like tapping an npc to talk to it?

  • What a TOTAL TWAT I AM! It never occurred to me to simply tap it. I’m in the wobbly dimension now. I should probably go crawl under a rock 😂😂🙈🙈

    Thank you for the patient teaching!

  • You're welcome!

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