Iron Bolts and Pin Cushions Chest

These are my last two outstanding quests - I can't seem to find either item.

I keep revisiting different shops but no bolts show up. Is there a particular shop that has them, that I need to reload (sleep 24 hours/revisit?)

And I can't find that chest and it has been so long that I can't remember who the "strange fellow" is or if I ever found him.

Many thanks in advance!


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    The strange fellow is a Leprechaun in Hollyhouse Castle. Find the closet and explore. The strange fellow is Stinky Sam whom you should find if you explore that closet but he probably hid the chest nearby. For example, behind a wall relief that's round and gray.

    You can buy Iron Bolts in any shop that sells misceellaneous items. The chance of their turning up is 5 out of 10. So Potbelly the innkeeper in Killycrippin Village should sell them. The Trader in Killycrippin Wood should sell them, just to mention two.

    : )

  • Yay! It took ~20 reloads but I eventually got them at Killycrippin Inn.

    Thank you ;)

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