Old Shaman

Oddly enough, Old Shaman has nothing to say to me. I did not notice it initially, but i have completed most of the quests, but am now stuck as he has not given me his task which appears to lead to several others. Do I have to complete something before he gives me his quest?


  • Do you have the quest :Lift the Curse?

    Do you have the quest Destroy Olc Mhor?

    Did you talk to the Hollow Sybil?

    Do you have the quest Hope Stag Sword?

    Have you killed Olc Mhor?

  • Lift the Curse: Yes
    Destroy Olc Mhor: No
    Talk to Hollow Sybil: Yes and I have the Locate the six Cursing Stones quest
    Hope Stag Sword: No, When I speak to the Hope Stage he does not offer a quest
    Have you killed Olc Mhor: No

    When greeting Old Shaman, there is no dialog box available

  • I think the problem is that you talked to the Hollow Sybil without talking to Old Shaman first. I already updated Steam to fix that. Will send the update to Elendil to upload to mobile. Just wait for the update.
  • Sounds good. Thank you so much for your help.

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