Kiss the Dearag Dhu

My final quest of another wonder expansion. I cannot find the Dearag Dhu in Glen Cara. I have the Kiss the Dearag Dhu quest and I'm wearing the Vampire Protection Amulet. I have walked over every walkable square in the Glen Cara region, both during the day and at night. What am I missing?


  • She's in the far southeast of Glen Clara. Step on a bit of green bush/grass at night on a blue cobbled path there.

  • I found Dearag Dhu, but still cannot complete the quest. I am wearing the Vampire Protection Amulet and have raised my Mind Magic to 200 with enchanted gear, but she just bites me and reduces my health.

  • You need Lockpick skill greater than or equal to 99. I don't remember why.

  • Done and done. Thank you. I would never have guessed Lockpick for dealing with a vampire. What's the next expansion and level to be released?

  • The next expansion is Cursed Chess Set, about level 4.

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