Stuck in Hag of Hell quest

Hello, I'm new to this forum so please dont be annoyed if my questions sound so silly :s

I've finished Celtic Rift, which was a great expansion with interesting riddles and puzzles, and moving on to Thor's hammer but I still got 1 quest stuck in my list: Hag of Hell. I got the blood potion from the hag of hell (after breaking into her house at night) but then I can't find any druid who can bless it to complete the quest. I tried the druid in grove of dark rites but he doesn't talk about it. I got this quest after meeting the druid in the circle of stones (now he's gone) so I no longer have access to him. I think it might be the druid in the land of ever living but I can't figure out a way to pass through those golden statues (keep striking me to 10hp :'( ). So is there another druid that I didn't encounter that would solve this quest or did I screw up something that made this quest unsolvable?

Big thanks :)


  • He's the Druid in the Land of the Ever Living. Cast the spell disarm on the statues to get to him. Welcome to the forum.

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