Destroy three demons

I’m having trouble dealing with the demons in the crypt at Bidewell Abbey. None of my weapons or spells affect them, including Contagion received from Liz. Can anyone help?


  • You need the spell Power Wash to kill the Possessor Demons. That's the spellbook Liz gives you.

  • Many thanks Cat! Power Wash does the trick. Not sure where I got it though. The spell Liz gives me is Contagion - a spell book and 5 scrolls. Just went back and checked…

  • I’m having trouble entering the crypt. Can’t find the key anywhere.

  • Sister Eugenia in Bidewell Abbey gives it to you when she asks you to find a certain person.

  • Do I need to have some other quest in progress or completed to make Sister Eugenia give me that quest? All I can talk with her are the two raving monks that I’ve calmed down.

    I don’t think that I’ve accidentally done Sister Eugenia’s quest yet, but maybe I can go through my keys. What’s the name of that key?

  • It's called the Crypt Key and you need the quest Prove the Abbess is innocent, "For Honx, Mage Council, Hollyhouse Castle, travel to Bidewell Abbey in the north and bring him proof that the Abbess is innocent of causing the curse."

  • Thank you so much! What is this sorcery? I’ve played the Linmore adventure for many hours, but never before have I even seen Honx’s door! I’ve just always walked past it! Now that you specifically said that Honx is in the mage council, I was able to find it 😂😂😂 How can I be so blind?!

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