2 doors to finish

Hi, may I request some help to finish the game please.

In the Four treasure keys quest, where is the bearer of the fourth door key ?

In the Ole Mhor's Domain, I cannot find how to open this door ? (I finish the rest even killing the bad guy)


  • The switch on the left hand side shown in your picture opens that gate. But first you have to activate it by tapping the green column nearby.

    The treasure key quest should tell you where to find the four people: find the four people on the list he gives you (Niall the Shiv Thistlestick Bog, Gertie the Bawler Skullcrack Castle, Blueblade the Ladykiller Gillygag Bog and Groggo the Trickster Corthy Wood),

  • Thanks for the info, but for the key of the fourth door, did you remember which one is the bearer ?

  • Neill the Shiv drops the Yellow Treasure Key. Gertie gives you the Green Treasure Key. Bluesword gives you the Blue Treasure Key and Groggo gives you the Red Treasure Key.

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    Thanks, I found my problem, I kill Groggo from distance without paying attention to his name and without recolting the item... the red key was laying on the ground...

    Niall the Shiv Thistlestick Bog ==> Yellow Treasure Key ==> he is a wandering human you have to kill to obtain it
    Gertie the Bawler Skullcrack Castle ==> Green Treasure Key ==> From the bartender, she give it for free
    Blueblade the Ladykiller Gillygag Bog ==> Blue Treasure Key ==> His name is Bluesword, he leave in the big house and sell the key for 1000 gold
    Groggo the Trickster Corthy Wood ==> Red Treasure Key ==> he is a wandering troll you have to kill to obtain it

    Please notice that after the mission, you will have a ghost message about a share, if you go back without fully crossing the square that activate the message, you will have it once more when crossing the square.

    Once I see the message, I go back, curious to see if Polonius got the same message, but no and once I cross again the square, I got again the message...

  • That's just there as a reminder for those who need it.

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