Traitor Leprechaun

Hi Cat - really loving this game so much! Thanks to everyone for the development
One quick question, I have searched everywhere through the Smiths Home and Trolls Home Under the Mountain but cannot seems to locate the traitor leprechaun anywhere. I did find one locked door in Smiths Home. Any ideas?


  • You may have killed him already without realizing it, as I did, before receiving the quest. Talk to Noonan again to see if this happened.

  • Great expansion Cat!!!

  • It’s okay - I missed one of the ladders in Trolls Home and then found him!

  • Thanks for the nice words all. Glad you found him. : )

  • Thanks Cat - minor thing but a couple of the ladders/holes in this area are the wrong way around or incorrect which makes it a bit confusing 👍

  • Sorry about the holes and ladders.

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