Awesome Expansion!!

i finally got a weekend to just chill and delve into Celtic Rift. i loved the story and it made me look into the the mythology, and people that it is based off. i never knew about alot of these stories and characters and it was great to learn something new.
thank you so much for the port, and the love you guys put into this expansion.


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    Celtic Queen will be coming but before that Macha's Curse continues with the Celtic, in this case Irish, mythology. Nice avatar, by the way!

  • thanks for the compliment on the avatar! i am a massive Morrowind fan, especially love the dunmer race! what i have read here so far has me excited about machas curse! great to know Queen is coming too! i gotta get a new phone to download it...i got a crappy 8 gb phone and my laptop went boom! had to start the quest all over recently!

  • I wish tech didn't get outmoded so fast. I have an original iPad Mini and can't really play Minecraft on it anymore, except the 'old' version, so eventually will have to get a newer one. Sigh. I'm very attached to my old one and it's hard to send it to the trash bin.

  • i know the feeling totally! that was partly why i loved the quest. it was ever expansive, and wasnt hard on the device played on. i know done something totally different but they chose to give is an hd version of the quest on pc and i had a toaster for a laptop so i appreciated the low spec aspect of this game. anyone can enjoy this!

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