Hole in ground in upper floor of Alderley castle

Can someone please let me know how I get past or plug the hole in the ground in the screenshot (from Alderley Castle)?

Also, am I on the right track in finding the owl Stryx that is held captive? (Quest from Mustaf)


  • You are on your way to Stryx.

    Face the hole, which should be north of you as you face it. Turn around in that corridor and face south. Walk to the end of the corridor. Is there a wall with something sticking out of it, like a secret switch? : )

  • Like Catacomber had implied earlier on, this is the secret switch that will deactivated the hole:

  • How the frick did I miss that. I even went looking for switches and levers. Thank you catacomber and mystic fury! ❤
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