Mad Dwarves' Second Floor bug?

At Mad Dwarves' Second Floor pentagram puzzle area, when you step in one of the red pentagrams (as far as I remember, is one of the reds) you go to a room that there's a barrel stuck inside the wall, as shown in the attached pics. I tried to reach that in every possible way, I believe. Is that a bug or am I missing something?


  • I searched every bit of that area in the editor and nothing's in the walls. That's a know bug that can happen in the engine. It can happen also with a monster. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it. Even if that barrel were stuffed full of catnip. : ) Thanks for pointing it out though. I always like to know about anything unusual.

  • Too bad it's not full of catnip, I went almost crazy trying to reach that barrel wondering what special item might be hidden in there :D Thank you very much for your quick reply, Cat. And congratulations, I'm amazed by the Lukomorye saga. Wonderful!

  • Thank you. Curse of Linmore coming soon. :)

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