Need help about some quest

Hi,Cat,It's very happy for me to enjoy this forum!!
I love this game and think that it's the best game in mobile phone :)
Now I am playing Celtic Doom,and need help.

I have the sword,but she didn't give me bless when I talk aout "a sword"

In Death's Repose ,tow doors can't open,and I see this,but it didn't work

In Vix,there is a door that I don't have the right key,and can't find any hint about it.

In dream castle 2nd.
These problems have bothered me for a long time :'( :'(


  • Welcome to the forum.

    Lady of the Lake: You need Persuasion skill of at least 140.

    Death's Repose: The door in the northeast needs the Gray Keeper's Key. That key is in a fern in the southwest. So do this first.

    The door in the southwest needs the Green Keeper's Key. That key is beyond the gate in the northeast. That's the northeast gate you can't open.

    Vix Village you need the Pit Key. You get that from the Cult Priestess there. You need the quest Persuade the Priestess you also need to give her a special mixing bowl you can buy from Phredd in Credne's Forge, Ironstone Mines.

    Dream Castle second floor: You need the Orb Key to get through that forcefield. Mother Maab Strongbow Wood gives you a quest to bring her three pieces of the Orb Key and she'll make the Orb Key for you.

  • Thank you,cat!!!
    Now I can end these problems :D :D
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