Misc Quests - Bacteria/Poisoner/Sticky/Ten Nuggets

Hi folks,

Firstly, great expansions. I'm on my fourth. :)

I have 4 quests from Asteroids that I can't finish. Any help appreciated

Gather Bacteria - Looked everywhere in Algae Pools/Reef but cannot find

Find the Poisoner - Completely clueless on where I need to go

Ten Gold Nuggets - Got the 10 but going back to quest giver does nothing

Mrs Sticky - Got the potion. Got the fish. Mrs Sticky now says she is building her nest and to leave Sticky anywhere. Tried this. Nothing happens.

Thanks in advance.


  • Gather bacteria: The two plants are in the far south of the Algae Reefs' Pool. Dive down and then hit some pale green walls to find them.

    The poisoner: Slimy Gurka. She's in the Air Vents. You get there from the Royal Sector.

    Ten Gold Nuggets. If you have his quest and the gold nuggets, he gives you another quest to take them to Aura the Smith and pick up a transmitter. When you do that and bring him the transmitter, he should solve the gold nuggets quest.

    Mrs. Sticky: If she says that, you helped her. Go back to Rushman who gave you the quest.

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