Pacifist Devil Dragon & Habren's Tower Hall[s]

Hi again, everyone!

I was Xena, but something went awry.

I'm not sure how to remove the pillar blocking the teleporter in Habren's Tower Hall. My character has tried the "Bing! Bong!" switches, all with exclamation points, hitting and tapping the the pillar, but to no avail. Also, my character has the Devil Dragon Blessed Dragon Banger, but the Devil Dragon won't fight. Hmmm.

Thank you!


  • (And, yes, we have the quest to kill the Dragon.)

  • Welcome back, Xena! You're Xena again. If you'd like to go back to 'Player', just let me know. : )

    You need to switch all four levers on.

  • Still nothing :(.

  • There's no condition for the Devil Dragon to fight. You just have to talk to him.
    For the switches, keep tapping them until each one says Bing in Habren's Halls, then tap the column and it should disappear. You need four Bings. My bad, I forgot the second switch in each row has to be off. Once you get four Bings, tap the column.

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