Persuade the Spirits of Chudolesye Forest to set up a base

I need some help with the Persuade the Spirits of Chudolesye Forest to set up a base quest. I have talked to everyone in the Chudolesye Forest both East & West, but there's never an option to ask them about setting up a base. My persuade skill is 90 so I don't think that's the problem. The only spirits I've come across are Rusalka who lost her jewelry in the pond and I found it for her, and the nameless spirit. He just asks me what his name is and that's it. I've made sure to have level 40 accuracy and the Hare's Note in my inventory but still nothing happens. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • You need to persuade the Leshiy Spirits--talk to Prince Borovik. If you do his quest, he will tell you, "You can tell your Tzar that Borovik de Brianski, Prince of the Leshiy Forest Spirits, 500 years old and still swinging his war hammer, will fight for the Royals and permit the Tzar to set up an offence from our Forbidden Forests.". Borovik is in his Tree Hut in the southwest if you're playing the HD version.

  • Thank you! I ended up figuring it out as I progressed through the game, but I have to ask, how come the quest says to persuade spirits in Chudolesye Forest when the person you're supposed to talk to isn't there? Thank you again!

  • That goes back to the old classic version of the game, where the geography is a little different.
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