Help with three unfinished quests


I am completely stuck with a few unfinished quests at the end of HOL II.

Find Father Lavr - I assume I have to open the locked door in the Tmutarakan underground, but I can’t find a way.

Find Rodya’s Chest- I talked to Jim and he sent me back saying he needed something else for the house, but the key doesn’t work now.

Rescue the Sidorovs - Broono has no quest hints and I have searched under the Grey Stepps - I’m at a lost.

I would really appreciate any suggestions!!


  • To rescue the Sidorovs, you have to kill all the wolves in the Steppes. Then investigate a hole in the ground.

    There's a locked door on each side. One key is found in blood on one side. One key is found in dirt in the other. If you mean the gate just before you get to Father Lavr, you need Rodya's key.

    You have to finish his quest to get that. He sent you back for his papers. But you can't sell that key (Little Key) and if you got into the Orcs' house once it should work the second time. It should always allow you in there. Maybe you're knocking on the wrong door?

  • Thanks! I guess I just needed to walk aroond the steppes- I did ‘fall’ into the hole. I had been searching the holes with ladders.

    I’ve done the first round and brought the chest to Rodya, and I still have the little key (it doesn’t work since I brought the Chest to him).
    The door says it’s Locked when I try it (northern house on the village with the door facing south). Do I have to do something with the 2 Orcs in the village?

    BTW, I’ve loved the expansions, I’ve spent many hours that I should have been doing other things!
  • I think,the house is in the middle. You need to get back inside there and tap, hit everything in sight. That's where the two ORK's live. When you listen to a dialogue on a door, after that it says it's locked. If you have that key, you can always get in their house.

  • Thanks, that did it... just had to do more clicking around the orcs.
    Now on to HOL III.

    Thanks again!!
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