Argimons dungeon

Hi. I have been going round in circles in HOL1 argimons dungeon. I can’t open the door at the southeast and the one at the south. I have tried different switch combinations...odds and evens and also tried not 1,2,3,5,8,13. Still can’t open them. I haven’t found Cat. I still have the green dragon key and red dragon key (or so I believe) . I have opened the door at the northeast and done that little area....please ( BTW, I finished Caerworn castle. Great game. Thanks Cat and testers)


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    Did you had already initiated the quest 'Free Catacomber' from Martelius before you entered Argimon's Dungeon? 😗

    Here's the link of the map for Argimon's Dungeon to assist you with your navigation within that area.

    Also, do have some patience while navigating through Argimon's Dungeon. As technically speaking, this dungeon isn't really that difficult to overcome. 😗
  • Yep, already on the free catacombs quest....

  • I missed a wall.....strewth! I tapped / hit every wall.....or so I thought... I missed the one by K3.. Thnx for the help

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    Don't mentioned it. 🙂 I'm glad to hear that you had that issue being resolved. ☺️👍

    But be forewarned, the next dungeon of Argimon's will be quite tough in the next expansion 'HOL II', so do brace yourself. 😯
  • Thanks. Look forward to trying it.

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