Dr Vlad and Bear Think Tank

I'm an avid Quest-er that has recently gotten back from a bit of a hiatus. Was tied up with work and also I played some other games for a bit. When I came back, I sort of lost where I was in the middle of this expansion. I got back into it, and eventually figured out where I was again, but I'm stuck on a few final bits of the expansion.

Firstly, I feel like I've covered every inch of the map and haven't run into Dr. Vlad yet. Any tips on where I should look?

Secondly, likewise, I've definitely covered every inch of the Bear Corner, and I think I've interacted in every possible way with all of the bears dens, but can't seem to progress in this quest either. Tips/suggestions?

I appreciate any and all help!


  • Dr. Vlad is in Argiimon's dungeon First Floor.

  • For the bears, go to the far midwest and tap a hole that has promising snores. Keep tapping.

  • Thanks for the help! About to move on to the next expansion, but I wanted to make one thing clear. Does the “wedding invitation” do anything? Or is it just a souvenir/credits item? Thanks!
  • It's just a souvenir. : )

  • Cat, in the Dr Vlad area, Agent K. says that there's a fake wall to hit in order to get to him. I'm assuming this was true in the classic game and got changed to a gate in this one. Not sure if helpful at all.

  • Where that message is, there is a crackable wall nearby. Apart from the gate.

  • I have looked all around the area where agent k says there is a wall close by to get to Dr Vlad (he says to cast unlock). I found the gate and have cast unlock just about everywhere there is a wall in the area including hitting and touching walls. I can’t find it anywhere.
  • You must be exactly in front of the grey wall, not white one.

  • Do I have to get through the gate first? Maybe I am missing a key? I don’t see a grey wall anywhere in the area.
  • There are two gray walls just before the gate to get to Dr. Vlad. The gray walls are in the lower southwest. For the first one, all you have to do is hit it. For the second one, cast the spell Unlock. For the gate to Dr. Vlad, you do need the Cell key. You might want to visit Pyrometal who is just outside Kozney's Castle.

  • Thanks. I had already gotten past the walls, I just needed the key.
  • But i found thw key in one of the blue torchea
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