House in HOLIII

Hi! Somewhat embarrassing question. I like to Mark my houses/rooms in each of the expansions and periodically go back to visit old haunts ... so to speak. :) Anyway, yesterday I discovered I accidentally Marked over my LukoIII house. I found my little place with the red door in Poykograd Center, but I thought there was a nice room or house somewhere as well. I've looked in all the obvious spots. Can someone please remind me where that's at?


  • Your house in HoL III is the castle north of Fort Pokoygrad. Beware; the mobes there respawn.

  • There is no structure on Good Luck Island. I apologize for being so dense.

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    Unless, of course, it is the Fort. That makes sense, though it's awfully big and empty. It could use some servants or minions. :)

  • Yes, the fort. : )

  • I’ve finished the expansion, but Koshkassy is blocking the bridge to my house.

    I cant kill him, so what do I do?

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