Not sure if I’ve missed something or not paid attention... only quests I seem to have left are to kill the moles for the priest and seal the abyss. But haven’t got end credits?
Tried talking to the princess but she doesn’t say anything about the abyss. Found one door there that I don’t have a key for and I can’t pick.
Do I need to talk to someone I’ve missed to get the end credits? And what do I do to seal the abyss?
Thanks again cat.


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    Mr. Tainnik in Cave of the Ascetics gives you the quest to Seal the Abyss: If you can't, he says, 'Haven't been able to solve that one yet, my friend? Perhaps you'll need the help of Princess Vasilisa. She used to play in the abyss when she was a child.'

    You probably already talked to her. She doesn't repeat her dialogue. She tells you, 'There's a deep pool in the abyss. I used to go swimming there as a child. I used to hear strange sounds as though something were digging. Maybe something has found its way in there. My father locked that area tight with gates as he was afraid I'd drown. The key to one of the gates is kept by the Bogatyr Dobrynia in the Bogatyrs' Cave in the Strah Mountains. The other is kept by the Bogatyr Udaloy in Buran Pass. They sleep but you can wake them with Live Water. If you open the gates, cast lightning bolt at the source of entry and it should disappear.'

    So you need those keys and then you need to stand near it and cast a fiery spell. (May I suggest lightning bolt? : )

    Tainnik will play the credits for you at the end of his dialogue "The Tzar". You don't get that until you've done all his quests.

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