Capture Wild Tursk

Dear Cat
I am having trouble with this quest.
My character has a Mind Magic rating of 139 (admittedly using amulets and rings etc). I nave received a Sweet Dreams potion from the caretaker. The potion is in my inventory but does not appear in the take potions list and cannot be used. The Wild Tursk just gives the same response "I will fry you little bug" and fireballs my character.
What have I missed?
Any help appreciated.


  • I have same problem!

  • That Wild Tursk can't be tamed. Look further north for an easier one to tame. You need to know the spell Recall as well as have the potion. Your Mind Magic is more than adequate.

  • Dear Cat
    Thank you as usual for your prompt response. Do you mean further North on the same map square?
    I will now try not to ask any more foolish questions.
    Stay safe and stay well.

  • Dear Cat
    Found the correct Tursk, It was cunningly hidden very close to the untamable one.

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