Help with a couple of quests

Love the games. Thank you Cat.

A couple of asteroids questions:
1. How do I put out the fires in the gold mine?
2. Where is the spell book of mage-ification?
3. How do I get the uranioum rods in the blue ice asteroid? I have the gloves on and I’m in the pit, but I don’t know how to get the rods.
4. Finally, I can’t get the numbers in old shamans garden to rise when I press the buttons? What am I missing?

Thanks again.


  • For the fires in the gold mines, you need snowballs and to stand in a certain spot to throw them.

    You get the spell of mageification from a hollow tree in the north of Argive Rise.

    For the Uranium Rods, go to the spot where the fires are and with the gloves in your inventory, you should get the rods. If you're not sure of the spot, let me know.

    The numbers in Old Shaman's garden rise for me. Press the switch and then test it on the lion face. What happens when you touch the lion face and are you having a problem with all the lion faces?

  • Thanks Cat.

    Interesting. Where do I get snowballs?

    In the tree in Argive rise, I get blank stares from squirrels. Damn squirrels.

    Not sure of spot for the uranium rods. Would love more info.

    For the garden, I hit the lion face and it says zero. I hit the switches to plus or minus one and the result anyways stays zero. No change no matter how much I hit them.

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    You can get snowballs from any merchant that sells normal items, for example, Fallout Mike, OddLotho, Koffman.

    You have to hit the hollow tree with Freckles' Magic Wand to get the book. She gave you the wand. It's a staff.

    Here is where you need to stand for the Uranium Rods--

    For the switches, maybe sleep seven days and go back. Don't know why it doesn't work for you.

  • Here is Old Shaman's guide to his dungeon.

  • Okay. I tried resetting, but the numbers in old shamans garden still don’t change.

    In the blue ice asteroid, I can only walk two-thirds of the way across the pit.

    Also, how do I get across the barrier in the titanium mine? I keep getting pushed back.

  • NM on the blue asteroid. Apparently you have to hit the switch with a weapon, not just press it.

  • And of course once I wrote that I reset again and this time it works. So all good here.

    Thanks Cat. Great games.

  • Glad you got through.

  • I have the same problem in the garden. I tap the plus button (for example 3 times for yellow) and then when I tap the lion says 0. What am i suppose to doing?

  • Reset the game by sleeping seven days and seven nights.
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