great ling in web of spore

How can I have to click the double skull in web of spore


  • Can you tell me a little bit more about where you are? Where is this double skull? To talk to the Great Ling you have to remove the mushroom blocking the way. You do that by finding a sphere in the southeast.

  • OK. I think you're in the area where the Pergamen says, "Some twins play nice together."

    You have to tap the two reliefs that look like skulls in the right order.

  • Great.. you are a really cat savers life
  • Knock knock rod rocks find the rod with rhyme of pisces.. what is that mean?
  • You're looking for the Rod of Myces. It's dropped by Mycelius who you can see in the pic above under the word "second". He's in the far mideast behind a crackable wall.

  • Where is mushroom kingdom after i get safety gloves from great ling?
  • Sorry nevermind i got it on every dead tree..
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