Aluaric's Charm

I haven't yet found a Blacksmith or Druid to help repair this. I've visited various blacksmiths (including Agnes the Silversmith in Mourne Village who helped with the Cups) but none give me the option to repair the amulet.

Thanks for any help!


  • Aluaric tells you, 'Try Cor the Blacksmith in Tyrconnell Village. He has a good reputation.'

    Cor tells you 'Where can you find a Druid to bless the charm? Try the Hermit of Hag's Hill. He has wonderful powers.'.

    Now to find the Hermit of Hag's Hill, you have to look on the back of the inn there. He rents a room from Gray Wilma the tavernkeeper at the back of the inn.

  • Wonderful! Thank you. He's all happy now ;)

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