Earth Jinns‘ tunnels

Hello again,

I love the new expansion (I love all expansions and the game itself ;) ) - but I‘m stuck early on. In the tunnels there is a plate and one layer down the chicken thief behind spikes. I stepped on the plate, I left heavy stuff on the plate, I hit the walls - can‘t get to the thief. Please help!


  • not sure if im correct, have you tried casting unlock, i may be thinking about something else
  • Try stepping on the plate a second time. I remember getting some sort of message about feeling I had overlooked something after stepping on the plate once, so I tried stepping on it again. (I never saw the spikes; perhaps that is why.)

  • Yes, it said something like „you might have overlooked something“, but I did step several times on it - when I return to the thief poisonous gases com, health is 5 and I‘m back at the entrance.

  • Oh yeah, and I found the button. The old catacomber magic! :)

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