Kill the kelpie quest

Trying to clean up my quest list. I have been searching Lake Cavan area at night, but no kelpies. Do I have to go somewhere else? I see this listed as a guide in the faq but it's not a clickable link


  • The kelpie appears only at night. So you have to walk around in the area circled in the pic attached. You brought something to my attention--the quest giver is not Tuin But Selppin. So I'm going to update that. It's right in the posted quest list but not in game.

    That is technically a bug and makes it hard to go back and complete the quest. If you like, I can name an item after you in Macha's Curse--I could use a pirate named Jiggypiggy and you can have a Jiggypiggy's Pirate Hat if you like. :) I'll delete that bad link. Thanks.

  • Nice! I was able to kill the kelpie. Thank you! A pirate hat would be awesome!

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    And you don't mind being a nice pirate? :smiley:

  • Not at all! I'll wear my best puffy shirt!

  • @Jiggypiggy said:
    Not at all! I'll wear my best puffy shirt!

    For your npc, I need to know your race and whether you are M or F. Thanks.

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    Etherim and male, thanks again.

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