Asteroids I

Have finished the graphics. Would you prefer that the Asteroids series start at a low or high level?


  • Would rather be low

  • High level. Keep us leveling up.

  • I'd vote high level. My guy is way too powerful for his own good...

  • High level for me please... >:)

  • Low level ; an occasion to play a Nogur !

  • Low level as it would give us a chance to start with a fresh character in conjunction with Quest Proper.

  • I think low level for this expansion would be good as you'll have Celtic Doom and HOLIV and so on which are high level to level up. Will try to put some dungeons in Asteroids I where only high level characters can go. And place some good high level gear in there. : )

  • That sounds good. I'm happy that it will start out as a low lvl. Also looking forward to having Celtic Doom and HOLIV added to growing collection. I do hope to see all the expansions eventually ported to Android, especially Dragon Jade.

    I discovered that Quest 2 is in production. I am really curious about that one as well. Will it follow the similar grid based format, or is it going into a different direction? Will you also be eventually creating expansions for Quest 2 also?

  • edited November 2018

    Only Redshift knows the progress of Quest 2 but if there is an editor, we will be making expansions for it. 😀 The plan is to port all the Classic versions to IOS and Android and Steam.

  • Sounds good. Plugging away with Thor's Hammer, skipping Quest Proper atm :neutral:

    I'll keep my ears to the ground for the rest.

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