Caerworn Castle

Caerworn Castle will be a new expansion that we're working on at the same time as porting Hero of Lukomorye III. Luko III starts at level 50. Caerworn can start at level 55 or it can start at a lower level.

Any thoughts? I know someone here is trying to get to level 100 but you can do that no matter what level Caerworn starts at. It takes place in Wales in 1600.



  • Great Cat! You all are probably very busy with such hard work. Looking forward. So Celtic Queen is already finished?

  • Just waiting on Sylon to draw the Android graphic.

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    I accidentally threw away my last high level save. Now at level 27 so personally I wouldn't mind having it at a slightly lower level. Not so sure that's a good reason though ;-)

  • It will probably be high level.

  • Hi Cat. May I ask for development/ planned release status of CC? If you have already graphical map of that Island- can you add picture here for ease of waiting..:-) ?

    Thank you!

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    Here's a graphical map. Before Halloween. : ) Almost finished putting in the quests but it has to be tested.

  • Great, thank you! Looks like lot of village/ town areas there if I see correctly...

  • There are five villages.

  • Can’t wait! LOVE ALL THE GAMES!!!
  • Thank you. Welcome to the forum!

  • Cantwaitcsntwaitcantwait!

  • Almost finished testing. : )

  • Wandering through many places and villages while waiting for another great story at Caerworn. Beer is already boring in most Inns...:-). Please hurry.. >:)

  • I have withdrawal symptoms. Are the ‘classic’ versions of the game exactly the same as the HD? Considering buying and having a go at those as well.
  • Hurrying. The HD versions have new material and are slightly different in some ways. There's no exactly the same. Many still enjoy the classic versions.

  • Bless you, I am happy to wait for such awesomeness :)

    I may have to buy all the classic versions as well though lol.
  • Am enjoying living in the Caerworn Castle world. Hope you do too. Tried to make it beautiful and dangerous.

  • So let me download it, I' m sure that will enjoy it as well... B)

  • Getting there. :smile:

  • We have no patience when it comes to new expansions. :) how does it feel to have so many people LOVE these games!

  • It feels warm and fuzzy. : ) Should be out soon.

  • Checking every hour... :'(

  • Believe it or not, same here :)

  • Haha I am on probably twice daily checks lol.
  • Android is usually approved first. : )

  • So is it now in status of Google Play approval?

  • Only Elendil knows that and I don't want to bother him. He did the mobile ports really fast.

  • It should be out tomorrow on all platforms.

  • Great news Cat, thanks!

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