Maniacal Mirror Room

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Ok, stuck in this room, come across a teleporter that doesnt seem to work....or is it me...obviously where the arrow is pointing ;-)


  • It's meant not to go anywhere.

  • damn, i was hoping that teleporter was what was stopping me, ok, well, im stuck in that case, going backwards and forwards through teleporters! i know it has to be a basic thing as no one else seems top have got stuck here

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    You just haven't used the most useful mirror yet. You should investigate all the mirrors.

    The trick to the mirror room is to use the perimeter wisely. So if you step on the correct square and move around using the perimeter, you should be ok.

    The shelves that are hidden have some objects you need in your inventory to use some of the mirrors.

    The mirror you might find most helpful is on the southeast wall and you need Snowy Quartz to use that mirror. That's on a shelf in that room. But you will need two keys once you get where the Snowy Quartz and that mirror will take you.

    One is in one of the areas in the Maniacal Mirror Room--the other, well, you need to speak to a dead person.

    I don't want to be more specific but if you need more help, come back.

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