Can’t find Live Water!??!

I’m sure I’m probably looking in the wrong spots, but I can’t find live water where you (Cat) said it was in the help topics I could find. Someone gave me a dose, but need more to get keys from the Bogarts that won’t share them without it. Mrs. Eisley poured my only one on her head. Couldn’t find a fountain anywhere in the Krivda village SW area. I’m playing the HD version on my iPhone X, and bought the game on Apple store, if that makes a difference. Thanks so much for doing these games, I really enjoy playing them!! You guys are great!!


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    Fountain with live water in corner of north-west of Krivda Village. Very near with shop of alchemy ingredients and inn.
    I too play in hd version and it is here.
  • Thanks so much!! It’s exactly where you said it was. I really appreciate it!
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