Shambling disease

Hi, where can i find the cure for shambling disease?


  • Nevermind, i solved it
  • Yeah, good question. I was in several potion stores, and there are no cure for shambling disease. Were can I find ?
  • Iplayed thiw Thor s hummer last summer!! I can't remember. Sorry

  • It has been quite some time since I played Thor's Hammer but memory (which are hellish liar) told me that there was a quest for the cure for Shambling Disease. Upon looking through the list of solved quests I found one for the Cureall Statue from De Menchev at St. Hilda's Abbey; completion of this quest results in a cure for Shambling Disease. There are at least two other quests that must be completed before the 'Cureall statue' quest can be finished: the 'Roar of Thor' quest and the 'Prove your worth' quest.

    Hope this helps.

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