Sunken lake

So what is the point of the sunken lake. I feel like I have found all the switches and buttons and explored the whole thing but haven’t found the boat mentioned in the hints file. Some of the buttons don’t need it opened a door or moved a while but I never found that they did. Can you post a map of the sunken lake or help me with the final step of Finding the boat or whatever is needed. I dont remember finding the spirit of Pendedragon and getting his item either, wharever it is. I wonder if I’m in the right place. Are there two entrances to the second link?


  • I meant sunken lake, not second link.

  • Never mind. I found the boat down a hall i missed. Wasted 2 hrs on this!

  • This particular dungeon is one of nicest in the game. Liked it very much (concept and philosophy)

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