Last three quest

I can't get Mymbyr to say nothing more than "to come back later continue working on quest". The only three quest I have in my list is Calm the dragon which I can't find and the invisibility spell which I can't get past the trap in the Province of Conjurers. And lastly Appease Donn, he has the Puzzle Orb but Pirate Dedman will not complete the quest.


  • For Mymbyr: You have to free Malin and talk to Kamber in his Stronghold before he'll reveal their plan.

    Calm the dragon: The Red Dragon is in a cave beneath the Cairns of Brehon. It's called the Red Dragon's Cave. He's in the north of it and the entrance is a hole on a wall in Cairns of Brehon.

    To calm the Red Dragon, you need Mind Magic of at least 45 and you have to know the spell Calm which you can buy in a shop. Liz sells it. It's appearance is rare. You might have to camp outside her door.

    Visibility Spell: You should be able to get past the traps if you drink a lot of health potions and cast Stone Skin. You have to have a lot of health potions.

    Pirate Dedman: Phredd sells the Puzzle Ball. Buy it and go back to him with it. You should have reported back to him before you gave the Puzzle Ball to Donn. He does tell you to come back to him before you go to see Donn.

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