Three last quests

Hello I’m stuck please help, ghost of madden,rescue Malin and kill Kamber. I’ve talke to madden but malin don’t want to live with me, about Kamber I’m in stronghold and can’t find the key to open the door. Thanks


  • To rescue Malin you need a Whisk-away-wand.

    For Kamber I think you get a key from someone just before the very end (probably after rescuing the boys?)
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    Thank you but the boys won’t come with me what do I miss? Where do I get the whisk away wand?
  • This book is sold by any librarian: "Rescue Malin: You get this quest from Sualtam, Enclave Wizards, first floor.You must do his Scrying Mirror quest to get this quest. Malin is in a room in the tower of Kamber's Castle. You'll need the Tower Room Key, dropped by one of the Guards. You'll also need a Whisk-a-Way Wand.

    See Tendha, Enclave Wizards, first floor, for help on finding the Whisk-away Wand.

    You'll also need Persuasion greater than 85."

    After you have rescued Malin and Mymbyr and they are both with you in the Enclave of Wizards, the boys will talk to you about their uncle. Depending on your answer to a question, you will get an amulet. You need that amulet to open the door in Kamber's Stronghold.

  • I can't get Mymbyr to say nothing more than to come back later. The only three quest I have in my list is Calm the dragon which I can't find and the invisibility spell which I can't get past the trap in the Province of Conjurers. And lastly Appease Donn, he has the Puzzle Orb but Pirate Dedman will not complete the quest.

  • Please don't post the same question in more than one thread. : )

    For Mymbyr: You have to free Malin and talk to Kamber in his Stronghold before he'll reveal their plan.

    Calm the dragon: The Red Dragon is in a cave beneath the Cairns of Brehon. It's called the Red Dragon's Cave. He's in the north of it and the entrance is a hole on a wall in Cairns of Brehon.

    To calm the Red Dragon, you need Mind Magic of at least 45 and you have to know the spell Calm which you can buy in a shop. Liz sells it. It's appearance is rare. You might have to camp outside her door.

    Visibility Spell: You should be able to get past the traps if you drink a lot of health potions and cast Stone Skin. You have to have a lot of health potions.

    Pirate Dedman: Phredd sells the Puzzle Ball. Buy it and go back to him with it. You should have reported back to him before you gave the Puzzle Ball to Donn. He does tell you to come back to him before you go to see Donn.

  • Sorry Cat. I bought the Puzzle Ball and went back to Dedman and got no new reply from him ro Donn. Also Kamber's commander is the only person in the stronghold besides the few fighters. I've been to the pillar that blocks the path to i assume the Medicine Mage.
    Also I have finished Ice and Fire, Hol 1, 2, and 3 and Celtic Rift after Celtic Queen what should I play? Couldn't find Hol 4 and 5 in Google Play.

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    Wait for Caerworn Castle which should be out very soon. Working on HOLIV.

    Kamber is on a door in his Chambers. Are you sure you talked to him? If you did, you'd have to go back,to an earlier save file because you might have a glitch.

    There's a lever in the upper northwest of that level where the Skeletal Guards are that removes the pillar blocking your path.

    Dedman should talk to you if you have the Puzzle Ball, what does he say?

  • (Cheer up) the ball pleases me but I would like a ask it some very personal questions now, please leave us alone.
    When iI pull the lever it says "not happen" even the first time.
    I talked to Kamber in his castle. I think he said he was going to his stronghold. But I did talk to him.
    Both the prince's are now in the Enclave. I know the key to finish is the amulet.
    Thank you for the help Cat
  • If you have an amulet you should be good to go in Kamber's Stronghold. That's what Donn says to you but what does Pirate Dedman say to you?

  • Find Donn and come back to me with a token he's appeased.
  • I haven't got the amulet yet. Why do I need a lot of health potions and stone skin in providence trap? You can walk through all and only take one after you get through all of them at the pillar, I still haven't moved.
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    You need to talk to Kamber in his room. He's on a door and you need to free Malin. You freed Mymbyr, now Malin. If you throw that switch you should remove the pillar. I thought your problem was the traps. That's why I suggested potions.

    Did you get the token from Donn? Deadman wants that token.

  • It is like I need to do something to trigger Donn to give me a different response. Both princes are together in the Enclave. Mymbyr keeps saying "We are thinking of a plan but haven't fully formulated it. Go on with your missions." When I freed the people in the Providence cages, I remember flipping the switch the first time it said "nothing happen" thought it was weird when it said that. I has the strange chest that was behind the force field.

  • If both princes are together and you get that response, you haven't spoken to Kamber on his door in his room.

    To use that lever, you need this quest:
    "For Vivian, Enclave of Wizards, rescue Merlin from captivity in the Province of Conjurers, Mire of Ghasts. You get the key to their fortress by doing a quest for the giant Fomoire in the Dyffey Bay. Merlin can be found in one of his shape-shifting forms. You'll need the Conjurer's Spell to open his gate. See the Conjurer there."

    You're done with Donn. I can't see any reason why Pirate Dedman would not check your inventory if you have the Puzzle Ball and solve the quest. You have Donn's ring? The Ring of Death? It can't be sold.

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