Dragoness Zmeyana

I'm in the cave (Tiger Cliffs) in the Emerald Forrest. Three steps in there is a wall that should be removable and I'm sure Zmeyana is there, but I can't remove the wall. I have tried every method I can think of but the wall won't budge. Am I missing something? I am wearing Ohrana's Amulet.


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    Behind that wall is Zmeyanas baby, but you cant remove the wall unless you have the quest Find Zmeyanas baby, which you get from Zmeyana

    Zmeyana is here (see screenshot below where the arrow is)

    Also heres a tip, if you think a wall is fake, and there is something behind it, cast the fireball spell on the wall, if there is a monster or a friendly close behind the wall the game will display a message saying you shouldnt harm this creature, it is friendly....
    Then you KNOW its a fake wall :)

  • Yeah, the fireball trick was how I knew there was something behind that wall. I didn't think about trying to remove the bushes. In earlier expansions you could count on yellow bushes being removable. Now they are everywhere.
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