Under the Lake - Key holes.

I have tried multiple iterations of keyhole combinations but can't seem to be able to open/close but one hole (the one that leads to the first inner passage). Any hint would be appreciated.


  • This should go automaticaly further as you find more keys (hole closes). So just keep finding keys and try to put in keyholes (try which one fits).

  • Thanks for the tip. I forgot about checking for cracks in the walls.
  • I can't get past the second key. I have tapped all surfaces & objects I can reach. Any help ? Thanks!

  • Do you mean the key you need for the third keyhole in the row of closing keyholes as you face north and count from the left?

    That would be the Red Watery Key. It's on a stick of skulls in a place where you fall down the hole. Try falling down.

  • Got It! I didn't realize the holes take you to different pits. Thanks!

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