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  • Please, where can i find the Snake Charmers Flut?
    November 5
  • duke1parkway

    Hi! I can’t get past the boarded up window. I’ve tried at midnight and. I’ve tried at noon. Tried spells and hit it with different weapons. No t sure what to do. Any help?

    October 15
    • ilovejello
      It’s either stealth or lock pick
      Your level is probably too low
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  • Thanx Cat, that's luko 11 done! Was going to ask if I can jump to luko iv, but am only at lvl 41, way off recommended lvl 70, so luko iii then! Love your games!

    October 11
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    October 9
  • have FINALLY completed all quests except the abyss - How do I get rid of free Cat for Martelius as he is in Order of the Sword & doesn't give me the option?
    Moving on from here, can I go straight to Luko IV? level 38 now.

    October 8