Zlato Forest

I didn’t mark it and can’t remember where it is. I’m trying to solve my last quest to give the perogi.


  • It is very near of transfer from the boat through the river (just in Belovodsk) in small cottage where you approach through tiny path between trees...guy living there will give you 2 options for teleport...

  • You get there from Frostya in Kin'Grust Lake.

  • Thanks!
  • Same here, but for some reason the ferryman doesn't give me the option to travel to the underground, all he says is I wish you a favourable journey

  • As soon as I posted the above found the clue, need to find his golden bough, any pointers?

  • A golden bough should be hanging from a golden tree there. :)

  • I've been all over his island, can't find a gold tree, is it definitely on his island, can see purpley tree

  • Would I lead you wrong. : )

  • Ooohhhh that one, its bark is red! 🤔 Anyway, erm, either I've sold it it or never got it, don't have it in my invent, don't recall selling it, is there another one?
  • You can't get the bough unless you have the quest from Marshall in the Shipbuilder's Union Hall, "For Marshall, Shipbuilders' Union Hall, Seversk Harbor, find a way to travel to the Home of the Ferryman so you can do Fetharyne's quest. See Frostya who lives near Kin'-Grust' Lake."

    You can't get it anyway else but in next update Davor will sell it but you'll need to camp outside his store until it shows up.

  • I have completed marshalls quest, I'm a member of the guild....
  • Where is Davor...

  • I can't put my finger on him right now but Hornway the Smith also sells it. He's in the Castle Tower--Kozney's Castle. He's easy to find.

  • Ok, got the golden bough, but the ferryman still doesn't acknowledge it, only says he wishes me a favourable journey.....
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    That means he already took it from you and made his soul ship visible in the Crypt. I think you had already talked to him with the Golden Bough in your inventory before and he took it, which is why you didn't have it.

    That ship in his Crypt is how you get to travel to River Subterra. He himself won't transport you there. His ship will.

  • You were right, I had done all of that! didn't need the bough from Hornyway, what confused me is (as you said) its the damn boat that takes you to the underworld and not the ferryman :D

    Also because its not actually named the underworld but river subterra, and then ozrena is in village ray also thre me of, was expecting a location called 'the underworld'

    But anyway, all done dusted :smiley: whats the next release and timescale pleeeeaassee :D

  • Basilisk's Eye should be done in about two months. : )

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