Macha's Curse - RELEASED for Steam, iOS and Google Play Store



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    The story takes place in the land of Erin, or to us, old Ireland. There's a lot to do. If you have a Leprechaun's Ring, you can get his treasure, for example. That's not a quest and if I didn't mention it, you might overlook it unless knocking on every door. : )

    Queen Maeve of Connacht has invaded the province of Ulidia in search of the magical Brown Bull of Cooley. Her troops have been met by the famous Knights of the Red Branch, led by their hero Cuchulainn.

    Both armies so far have suffered great losses but Ulidia's army has sustained the most. Macha, a vengeful goddess, has struck down many of their warriors with her curse.

    The battlefield reeks of the blood of the slain and only you can stop the needless killing. This magical country needs your help. Equip your best gear. You've been chosen to be the Defender of Ulidia.

  • Just waiting for the approval process now. :)

  • Great!

  • Yep! Just downloaded from PlayStore. There goes my work productivity for the next month...

  • Yesss! Thank you, downloading...

  • Once I activate I can delete expansion to save room on android right? Haven't tried it yet because I don't want to risk any data.

  • @Hyperkalemic said:
    Once I activate I can delete expansion to save room on android right? Haven't tried it yet because I don't want to risk any data.


  • Glad to see no one seems to be having any problems or maybe no one is strong enough to go there? Tried to include in game walkthroughs. If they're successful, will continue them.

  • Is anyone playing this yet? :/

  • Yes, there are a few but they have separate posts here. : )

  • @fershid said:
    Is anyone playing this yet? :/

    Yes :-D

  • Thanks Cat. Man, don't check the forms for a few months, you guys move, and change the locks :-D

  • Keeps you on your toes. : )

  • Playing the game on iPhone. Enjoying a lot so far. One strange thing though, the wolves can’t move outside of their “quadrant” on the map, which makes them quite easy victims...
  • It's not just the wolves but all monsters and Adela is right, makes things kinda easy... paralyze them, step up and bash the hell outta them. :D

  • Also the monsters seem to have all stats at 1 (when casting detect mind). Except their level which varies. Is this normal?
  • The monsters, including the wolves, cannot move around freely unless they have a clear path. The surface world has trees all over the place, including many that block movement, so they are restricted. I prefer the beauty of the trees. : )

    I can confirm what you say about Detect Mind but I have to ask Elendil of Redshift why it's that way. I couldn't even venture a guess. Will get back to you.

  • Interestingly, it's not just in Macha's Curse. If I go to Luko II or even back to the base game and fight a witch near Port of Mithria, detect mind gives the same results---1 for all stats. Maybe it's because of the player's high level? I'm level 45 or so. Let's see what Elendil says.

  • Well they also seem to meet an invisible wall when they get to the limit of their area... or does this also have to do with the trees? Anyway the graphics are really beautiful, the monsters a bit easy to kill but maybe I’m just a bit to pumped up from playing Thor’s hammer and Luko I and II before this expansion
  • That's not something I have any control over except to remove the surrounding impediments.

    Anyway, Elendil fixed the stat bug in the Quest engine--there'll be an update. Even though this was not my bug, I think you're entitled to the bug finder's reward--an item named after you. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can send my update to Elendil. Thanks. Could be a weapon, amulet or cap or ring. For weapon, need to know heavy or light, pre-enchanted or enchantable. Thanks.

  • Really? How cool :-)! A ring would be nice! Thanks
  • Sorry about the late answer, hope it’s still possible!
  • Yes, next update.

  • Bhiffy will sell it. She's in Castle Dun Daigin--inside the castle.

  • Ill stop by next time I play through ;) Thx

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