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  • Guess it’s not done yet...

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    No but it will be. : ) Just have patience. I have to rebuild the world because of some problems with some scripts that should work but don't. It won't take long but it will have to be tested. It's not the first time this happened. Luko II Classic long ago had to be rebuilt because the file was too big. I have the patience to put the world in again. I hope you have the patience to wait. : ) A rebuild doesn't take that long and usually it's better.

  • I just teasing :)

  • It's a better, tighter game. :)

  • There you go Cat! Hope that i could help.
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    Yes, that helps. : ) Thanks very much! Welcome to the forum!

  • @Catacomber said:
    It's a better, tighter game

    So excited! Have finished everything else I’ve been playing so really looking forward to this :)

  • Any fresh update about release please...?

  • Probably the end of February. Sooner if possible. Working hard.

  • Yes. But it takes a little while for three reasons: (1) All the non-HD graphics have to be substituted-but good thing is I have those all lined up; (2) We like to add some new things; (3) All this has to be tested and can't wear out the wonderful testers. : )

  • We'll get there. : )

  • @Catacomber said:
    It's a big file. Two pictures coming up. No pictures of the end because it's a surprise. : )

    i love the wreckage in the background, and the creature looks great! will it be like a mind flayer type? i love things like that! its a bit lovecraftian!

  • @Catacomber said:

    Lots of crafting. : ) Leather, jewelry, bronze, other items. New item graphics-leather, tin, copper, bilberry, burdock and mistletoe.

    new types of leather all together or will these new graphics be replacers for the current leathers and ingredients?

    much excitement looking forward to another for the day it comes out..

  • We had to redo the game because it was just too large. So, while there are many new graphics, I tried just to change the color for existing ingredients and leather and stones and the existing boat, although we might put that wreckage back in. Bronze, tin and copper crafting are out but there is enough crafting to be satisfying. There are no replacements for current leathers and ingredients. Bilberry, burdock and mistletoe are there but with old ingredient images just changed a bit in color.

    The new file is in but has to be retested.

  • i had heard from the guys at redshift about being careful with file size when i was attempting to create something for the steam version. sadly my computer went boom around the time i was getting the hang of the editor. hearing this one was big enough to have to be tweaked, while a sad thing to hear, it shows the effort you guys are putting into that, so thanks!

  • It's not the first time I've had to put in a game again--the new game is always better than the old one though it seems. Not sure why. This happened both with Luko I and Luko II Classic version ages ago. Can't point finger at anyone but those weren't my fault. This one was--I just got carried away. It's so easy. I always have so many graphics I want to use, so many experiments to try, but like everything else in life, moderation is the key. Anyway Macha's is done, just have to test it.

    Don't give up on the editor. It's a lot of fun to use although sometimes it's like riding a wild pony.

  • when i get a new computer in a few months ill start back over. for now i will just keep strengthening my character for this expansion! so as far as the lay of the land , are there lots of islands or more open wilderness? just curious :)
  • Open wilderness and a Pirate's Island. Five towns.

  • thank you for the info Catacomber! i look forward to this and discovering the jade expansion for classic. it has me curious about that one lol. may have to find a cheap old ipod touch again to jam on the original quest expansions!
  • Dragon Jade was a lot of fun to make and a challenge to make it look oriental. : ) It's still one of my favorite expansions.

  • oh wow, yea the block look can make things difficult. i hadnt gotten to play that one yet. i however did see a dragon design and Asian looking architecture on one building in one of the expansions this morning. it was a nice touch. place was all red. i can imagine that while the limitationscan of creating can be a hindrance, it also causes y'all to get pretty creative to bring that aesthetic out. the expansion looks very exciting.
  • Testing the new file is going well.

  • What a beauty...please hurry..:-)

  • pretty imposing looking fortress! the pillars of skulls is a nice touch. makes it look cozy.
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    Testing night and day. : ) Thanks. Thorough testing is important, even though I know people will still find a bug or two. It always happens. : )

    @Valen_Morcaine-- ;)

  • End of FEB is already behind a corner. Any news please...?

  • I just finished going through the game. Hope to upload to Steam this weekend and send the file to Elendil for iphonizeing. I could do it tomorrow but want to take a quick run through with a slightly lower level save file. Am enjoying wearing my pirate's hat. :)

  • Also coming to Android right?
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