Heal Nifont

So faq says need scroll of cure wounds touch and remove curse touch. I cannot seem to find or buy a cure wounds touch scroll. Tried the save before entering the store and reloading trick, never seem to find cure wounds touch. Is there only certain scroll stores that will sell it in HOL or does it have to be found in a dungeon? Been trying the dookh village store as it seems to be the best stocked. Also tried enchanting a blank scroll with cure wounds touch but when I use it on Nifont nothing happens.


  • If you're not a Rasvim, you need a scroll of cure wounds touch or a wand of cure wounds touch. If you're a Rasvim, you need a scroll of magic immunity.

    The scroll of cure wounds touch can be found in magic shops that sell normal items. Wand of cure wounds touch can be found in magic shops that sell better items. Scroll of magic immunity can be found in magic shops that sell the best items. Nadia there sells the scroll of magic immunity. Magician Nerreda in Dookh Village East sells the wand of cure wounds touch. Burya the Magician sells it also. Gladspell the Magician sells the scroll of cure wounds touch.

    Burya's in Greenwood.

  • Perfect! Didn't realize it could be a wand, thank you!

  • I had some troubles with this one. I learned the cure wounds touch and remove curse touch spells long ago when I was a neophyte wizard, but until now, never had the opportunity to use them. At last! An unfortunate soul that needs my help, and with a great sense of anticipation, the “touch” spells were cast!

    Nope... didn’t work. It seems this dude doesn’t just want to be cured, he wants to get his grubby paws on the spells themselves - either as a wand or scroll. If you have them, he will take them from you, and be miraculously cured, thereby solving the quest. Say what? These “touch” spells can only be cast on another character. So who cast them? Not me. Not Nifont - unless he cast them on himself.

    So.. For your consideration in the next revision. It seems the solution to this quest should be to simply cast the two “touch” spells on poor old Nifont - whether they are memorized, a scroll or a wand. Giving him the actual scroll and/or wand doesn’t make sense to me. Comments?

    An excellent installment as always Cat, and can’t wait to get started on HoL 2

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    Welcome! I applaud your analysis. Just consider it's part of the story. Casting a spell at an object works. But casting a spell within a dialogue doesn't to check whether something happens. Can only check within a dialogue if you know a spell or have an object, like a scroll or wand. Let's assume Nifont grabbed it and used it on himself. : )

    I just added that quest to use the unused touch spells. Thanks.

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