Mithril Horde I HD Quest List and Map

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Here is the Quest list---


  • And here is the surface map picture.

  • The file will be available for Steam and GOG this week. Mobile will follow as soon as Elendil can get the expansion approved by both Apple and Android.

  • These are wonderful news Cat, many thanks for finishing another fantastic world for Android. Another way to escape to a better place now...

  • One month passed and still nothing? Cat, please any news?

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    Waiting on Elendil and Apple and Google Play Store. I hate to bother Elendil but will write him.

    (Wrote him so hang on.)

  • Elendil will upload Mithril Horde I this week. Then we have to wait for approvals. He's been busy.

  • Have patience with him. He has a heavy load.

  • Besides, we should be used to waiting. I ordered two masks three weeks ago, waiting. Ordered some other stuff over a month ago, waiting. This is the age of waiting.

  • Understood Cat, thank you, no problem. Just take good care about yourself and family. This goes to all of you in the forum.

  • To you too and everyone here. Every day I wear my mask and wash my paws singing 'Happy Birthday, dear Cat. Happy Birthday, dear Cat, washing paws as long as it takes to sing the birthday song twice. Using paw sanitizer when necessary.

    Darned Chewie takes so long to deliver cat food have been thinking how the mice are not so happy right now with the restaurants closed. They are sitting ducks. Can't go there though. That's madness.

    Waiting patiently.

  • Now out on iOS!!
    Thank you Cat for all your hard work. And to Elendil for the port release.
    And for the welcome diversion these excellent games give us at this time.
    Be safe everyone.
  • Android is also out, great, downloading!

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    Almost finished testing Asteroids I.

  • Great work Cat! Thank you!

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