Third floor questions

Hi Cat! I’m on the third floor, I have the baby in my inventory but I am having some problems. I can’t find Hermione. Also, when I use the teleporter passed Ginny, I am fighting some
dead smiths that I can’t seem to damage with spells or weapons. Can you fill me in? Thx! ffluffy


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    You'll find Hermione in the far southeast of the Third Floor. Work on filling in the eastern half of your map. Now that you have the baby, talk to Argimon there as he opens the path to Hermione.

    There are some comments here that should help once you've done that.

    Those monsters are very strong. Fortify melee and put on any gear that increases strength and endurance. You might have to level up before you can take them on.

  • Please advise what I am missing on the third floor. I went back and covered the area again. There is one area in the east that has paintings on the walls, one wall is yellowish and the paining is black and white. I have tried as many spells as I can think of as well as hitting and attacking. Thx! ffluffy
  • Did you talk to Argimon? Did he open a path for you?

  • I thought I did and now he is nowhere to be found. Does this mean I need to go back to an old file?
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    I can't tell from the pic you put up whether Argimon opened the path for you or not. I'm not sure you need to go to a previous file. He should have said something like, 'I see you have my child. Don't be afraid my child.' He opens a path to Hermione and disappears. Here is the path he opens:

  • I for sure do not have that path. I went back to an old file anyway and am having fun progressing again so I will work towards Kozney’s castle and see what happens. Thx!
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    I have gotten everything figured out in the third floor so far. The smiths of death just don’t take damage. I don’t take damage from them either. My strength is high and I have fortified my melee. Is there a specific way to kill them?
  • The only thing that can hurt them is the Kladenec Sword. Silvergirl gives it to you after you deliver her baby to Hermione and go back to her with the proof you did so.

  • Got it! Where is Silvergirl again? Thx!
  • Never mind! I remember! Thx! Love the games!
  • How do you get past the moles?
  • Did you try paralyzing them?

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    The mole guards won't let me past. Do I need something to pass them?
  • Argimon's hint about Mole Guards: "One is in the room with paintings and the second one is at the end of the main corridor (the one you started the floor in). You need to talk with them. After you talk to both of them, you will be able to set invisible one wall (with the Mole Dagger) - this wall is at the end of corridor that leads to the Torture Chamber."

    If that doesn't help, come back.

  • Thanks again Cat.
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    How do you operate the 6 switches in the one room?
  • Nevermind.
  • Just an odd thing: somehow I ended up with 2 of Hermione’s gems and Silvergirl would not speak so I put one on the shelf and then she gave the sword.

  • Sometimes I put more than one item in as people are often losing things. The engine can only check if you have one of an item sometimes, so if you have more than one, dropping the extra fixes the problem. You did the right thing. : )

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