Need a hint for whereabouts of Note 1, thought I had combed 3rd floor pretty well but still haven't found it. Thx so much!!!


  • All 3 notes should be found on your way through Argimon castle without any extreme hidden places. Sorry do not remember exact place.

  • It's on the floor in the huge room in the middle of the Third Floor. The room with the four sets of switches and the sign 'First you need to activate, then you can solve.' As Aeon says, they're on the floor, not hidden.

  • Doh! That'll teach me for not checking each scroll, lol. Thank you both!
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    Had The same... But with two out of three notes i managed to open the vault all the same!
    Now stuck in a room woth four levers and a blue door that wont open i already git lyck and jackpot
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    Kolobok warns you there does he not?
    Sign says 'Money Luck Bingo Jackpot Money'

    It doesn't matter which lever you use. They all will open the door if you can get the variable x in their code to equal--note equal---100.

    Each lever is independent of the others, each works the same way. Get any of them up to 100 and the door will open.

    I just tried it. Just keep clicking on a lever, any lever there, until the door opens.

    Mind-numbing. Remember Kolobok's warning.

  • Great. Now I just have to remember a dungeon in this expansion where the enemies drop skulls.

  • There is one skull right there on the floor if I recall right and it will respawn.

  • Could not find Note 2. Any help is appreciated.
  • Far northeast of Third Floor. Argimon sets the wall that leads there hidden but for him to talk to you about that, you may need to be carrying something precious to him. Something that needs diapers. : )

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