Kin’-Grust’ Lake

I am still early in the game, and have received the quest to find Frostya, I can’t find her, and only have access to a small portion of the lake (southeast corner). I had the pleasure of meeting the Ferrywoman Daria, but she tells me to get away, I’m cursed.

Any hints regarding how to please the Ferrywoman, find Frostya - or how to get to the West side of the lake?


  • You must do small quest and Daria will then take you on the other side of the lake...

  • Thanks! Until now, I have avoided looking at the Quest list, but after a quick glance, it became clear that I had not yet discovered the Shipbuilder’s Union Hall and the many quests that originate there. As usual, I walked by the entrance several times... Quest on!

  • I now have the quest: “cure madness” but get the same dialog from Daria and the Abbot. I have no idea how to cure them. Hints?

  • You need to make a potion--Cure Darkend's Poison. See Eustacius in the Museum of Obereg.

  • Thanks Cat! As I found out, you don’t actually need the quest from Cfsdoc, you just need to have the potion in your possession to cure Daria and the Abbot. This potion was also dropped by a snowman. Cfsdoc will take it away when you return to him.

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