It's very different from the Classic Version. You can kill the Deathless and he is stronger and has friends. Save your file!


  • Thank you Cat, will do, but release it already pleaseeeee... ;)

  • Testing 1,2,3. : ) As soon as it's tested.

  • edited March 2019
    My favourite Quest expansions!!! :-))
  • I was a good fight against the deathless, long too, i enjoyed the expansion but dont like the 🌲 blocking your way... Cause you can see through and can't go!
    Beautiful work Cat!
  • Thank you. : )

  • I’ve finished this series of quests, killed all etc and have a wedding invitation. I tried going to the royal palace in Belodovsk but can’t get in. Am I missing something or is it something for the future? Thnx , in advance.

  • That's Hero of Lukomorye II. You can't enter that castle. That's just the way Dr. Vlad designed it.

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