Burn the boats

I’m supposed to burn the Vikings’s ships, pretty sure I found them at seathuld bay, but no fire spell I throw at them (fireball, blow torch) seems to have no affect.


  • I only needed to ask to find the answer! No spoiler needed

  • You supposed to have a particular weapon/ staff to burn it. Cannot be done by a spell.

  • You need the Flame Thrower from Vyk the Giant.

  • I seem to have lost the flame thrower. I know I qot it from vyk the giant but I cannot burn the boats. Vyk obviously doesn't give another, can it be bought? Phred doesn't sell it.

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    Are you sure you don't have it or stashed it away somewhere? It can't be sold. Did you try standing here? You can't actually use it. The explosion is done via scripted dialogue.

  • If you really don't have it, you'd have to go back to an old save file. It's not a quest that's necessary to finish the game.

  • Thank you. Standing in wrong spot. The dialogue didn't show for as many times as I tried. When you indicated spot it worked. But...passed that spot numerous times and nothing.
  • So it worked for you?

  • Yes! Thank you!

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    I don't know what i'm missing, but as soon as i tried burning the boats, i was insta-killed. Is there's something more complex i need to do, or do i just need to invest more in my endurance stat?

    EDIT: Should've tried stone and magic resistance before posting. That saved my bacon.

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    Couldn’t find vyk the giant…..must try harder….I also forget when Ragnar the beserker is…..

  • Done vyk…boats all burnt…now to find Ragnar

  • In a crypt. :smiley:

  • Haha, thnx….

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