Poppy Seed Pirog

I originally got it from makar, poloygrad center, but I must have eaten it when camping outside Kuai's place, to get the gems for the pickaxe quest, I have more poppy seeds, but who else makes the pirog pls....


  • It can't be used in the HD version---but because having one is an absolute necessity to finishing the game---Phredd sells it but of course, it's gonna cost you.

  • hehe I have over 6mil in coins ;-) ok, so where is phredd, looked in all the towns....

  • Also, whilst im here, the quest, beer fairy, where you have to brew krackin good ale, love the name btw! the book says, take an old barrel, er, any old barrel? or one in particular also im missing pine leaves, any pointers....

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    He's with the Dark Brothers. The book is a bit of fiction. You don't need a barrel or pine leaves.

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    Ok...lemme see 🤨

  • To brew Krackin' Good Ale you need one item that's alcoholic, one that fortifies mana and one that fortifies intelligence.

  • The pirog disappeared from my inventory as well so I got one from Phredd. Must be a glitch.
  • I think there's someone who steals it or you can trade it for something but can't look it up right now.

  • Yes, some strange character (maybe in Pokoygrad- do not remember exactly) asks for it in some dialog and offers you something valuable for it.

  • Yes, my Poppy Seed Pirog has vanished, too, and of course I need it for Bambie. Makar won't make another one, so looks like I need to buy one from Phredd. Good ol' Phredd. BUT... where is he, in Luko III? I'm sure I found him once, but darned if I can find him again. Please remind me! (I promise to make a note of his location, this time!)

  • Phredd is in The Dark Monastery. That hint will cost you one catnip. : )

  • Thanks - have a catnip! My cat Kenneth scowled when I raided his stash, but eventually said OK.

  • Thank you! : ) Give Kenneth some treats.

  • Hi
    Where do I get poppy seed from?
  • Talk to Makar in the west of Pokygrad Center surface map.

  • I got the quest (it’s the last one left to do)
    I have found dream grass
    Didn’t find poppy seed
    Classic version
    Thanks in advance
  • Ok found it red bush fairycraft hill
  • It can be eaten in the HD version, so, Phredd will help

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